I have here a number of products to sell,
where I’ll be giving a %-cut of my selling price
to my charity of choice - Yayasan Kampung Kids.

I do not have e-commerce function on this site, as I only subscribed to a basic plan, so I’ll be taking your orders manually.

Simply use the Contact Me Form, and indicate the name of the product you’d like to get. I promise to contact you within 24 hours, to arrange for payment and delivery.

Thank you for your support!


Norwegian Landscape - SGD $25 /
IDR 250rb

**100% of the selling price goes to charity**

A handmade tapestry woven by yours truly (myself), which took me 6 - 7 hours. The mix of polyester and cotton yarn make for a unique piece that can be used as a wall decor.

Size: 10.5cm(L) X 25CM (H)

Material: Polyester and Cotton-blend yarn

Colour: Maroon, Black, Grey, Beige


Pink Bourbon - SGD $10 / IDR 100rb

**100% of the selling price goes to charity**

One of the first few handmade tapestries that I wove. Polyester yarn is not commonly used in tapestries but I find that it adds texture to my pieces. I experimented layering with pink and black tassels for this, which turned out pretty cute!

Can be used a wall decor, or to liven up your office cubicle/study desk.

Size: 10.5cm (L) x 15cm (H)

Material: Polyester yarn

Colour: Black and Pink


Midnight Sky - SGD$160 / IDR 1.6 jt

**50% of the selling price goes to charity**

I found this piece on an online marketplace, and immediately fell in love with it. After 2 months of deliberation, I decided to have it shipped from Oklahoma (USA) to Jakarta (Indonesia).

This black raven beauty will be the perfect accent on your wall.

Size: 30.5cm (L) x 66cm (H)

Material: Bamboo yarn, Cotton yarn, Merino wool, Roving wool and black painted wooden rod for hanging

Colour: Black