Workplace Journals: My Manager Slept Her Way to The Top

Workplace Journals: My Manager Slept Her Way to The Top

So the title says it all…

When I was in my early twenties I worked as an Assistant Marketing Manager (MarComms role). My very first manager (who I still recall fondly) was probably 6-7 years my senior (I couldn’t really remember) and we got along very very well; we became friends/colleagues over time and I remembered learning from her; plus, she was a confident woman and adept at handling my Director, who was verbally abusive (another story for another day).

Meanwhile, there were 2 other girls in the company who were the same age as me. Both of them slept with my Director, and their career paths ahead were shining brightly. (don’t ask me how we all knew the girls slept with my Director, they didn’t bother to “cover their tracks” and everyone knew)

So that had nothing to do with me until one day, my manager quit… and 1 of the girls, who had just became “Operations Manager” got transferred to my department to replace my manager as the new Marketing Manager!

I was honestly horrified because this new manager of mine (call her X) was the SAME age as me, had ZERO experience in Marketing, no related degree whatsoever, and is now lording over me. I had at least 5 years of working experience by then.

I remember my Sales colleagues seeing a certificate of completion on X’s desk from a workshop titled “How to manage a marketing budget” and they sniggered behind her back.

I felt disgusted, and regretted taking this role over a regional marketing role for a food TV channel… I knew then that I had zero progression in this company whatsoever… those who slept him were being promoted … it was just ridiculous.. and I really couldn’t bring myself to respect her…

For the 1-2 months ahead I tried my utter best to be civil and respectful on the outside.

But my disgust became full blown when X did my annual appraisal. It was a huge blow to my ego to have to hear her give me feedback despite just being my manager for a few months. She definitely did NOT know me enough to give a fair appraisal.. and she definitely did NOT like me… perhaps she was intimidated having to keep up with the appearances following her newfound managerial role… I forgot the details of what she said or what went down, but I remembered telling her “I don’t really care how you rate me, as long as you don’t fail me”…. how sad and unfortunate for me huh?

Yeap, so that’s just one of my workplace nightmare stories which has become a coffee table talk story which I tell to entertain others… hahhaha