Workplace Journals: How I found out my General Manager committed Corporate Crime

Workplace Journals: How I found out my General Manager committed Corporate Crime

So, a little background: I was in a unique organization structure where I reported directly to the General Manager… He was I think in his early thirties?

Things went well… until… one day I found myself having difficulties with my freelance designer (whom my GM “appointed”). She made some rude comment that I can’t remember, that left me running downstairs and crying at the stairwell - it was also a culmination of being overworked and overwhelmed. My sales colleague was walking up the stairs when he found me sitting on the steps sobbing. I told him what happened, and out of curiosity he asked to see how that rude prick of the freelance designer looked like, so I showed him her What’sApp profile picture. To both our surprise, my sales colleague identified her as my GM’s girlfriend. No surprise then, that she’d be rude to me.

So I found out that the company has a strict policy on vendor/supplier relationship with the company’s employees, and my GM had me work with her and had the company pay her when she wasn’t actually the official appointed vendor in the company’s list. Major Oops there huh.

So after a while I got sick of working in that company (long long hours - I developed a minor case of UTI then coz I worked til I forgot to get up and pee), so I started to send my resume out to competitor companies to look for a job. (trust me, I’m still within topic here)

During an interview with a prospective employer, I was asked who I reported to, and my experience working with my superior. In response, that prospective employer told me that he knew my GM. And that my GM had been fired previously for cheating his company of money! He would conspire with a supplier to add ice to the food supplies so that the supplier could charge the company more, and he would pocket part of paid invoice from the supplier. Just wow.

And who knows what else he did in my company besides the girlfriend being the company’s vendor…

So yeap. Anyways, I met with my COO (he had heard about my dramatic sobbing at the staircase and wanted to check on me, bless his soul) and I told him everything… and after I left the company, I heard the GM had left too.. So perhaps they investigated and asked him to leave? Hmm I’ll never know.

Such entertaining work life experiences I had. “much excite!” —> say it in borat’s voice