Using Courier Agents (Shipping within Indonesia)

Using Courier Agents (Shipping within Indonesia)

In this post I will be sharing about finding your own courier agent in Jakarta, which is very important if you want to start an e-commerce business.

The 3 most reputable and popular courier companies right now in Jakarta are:

  1. JNE

  2. Wahana

  3. Tiki

It is important as a fledgling business to work with reputable companies as this will inspire confidence within your clients.

For myself, I use JNE (9,000/kg Jabodetabek), because the agents have no minimum parcel KG requirements to pick up items from you, whilst Wahana although cheaper (5,000/kg Jabodetabek) require minimum 10 parcels OR 10 KG in order for them to send a pick up to you.

I’m not sure about you but I first started using JNE by calling their official customer line.

I tried asking the Customer Service Line to share with me an agent contact, as the agent contacts on their websites and on google were not updated, but I was told to just call their main line for all future deliveries! (I suspect this could be because they would not need to give a commission to the agent if customers call them directly).

It got really annoying because whenever I called, I had to spend 5 minutes listening to their holding music before reaching their officer, and then spend 15-20 minutes spelling out my home address + recipient address and telephone numbers and then hearing them tell me they would despatch their driver, and promising that the driver would show up at my house “within 3 hours”. But most of the time, no, their driver shows up more than 3 hours later, and worse still, sometimes their driver wouldn’t even show up.

Also, when the driver shows up, you have to pay in cash on the spot. He will then give you a courier slip with the airway bill number which you would then send to your customer.

Here’s something I learnt from a local:

Calling JNE’s Customer Service Line does not equal to calling an agent!

If you use an agent, you do not have to make any calls, you can just simply What’sApp them to come over to your place + you do not need to pay them in cash - you settle payment via bank transfer with a simple click on your mobile. Also, as I’ve learnt from a local, they will be more committed to fulfilling your parcels as they themselves probably have targets and are quicker to respond as they are nearer to your home and reliable.

So…. I was told by a local to FIND AN AGENT!! and to do so, I had to go to the nearest JNE agent office near me, because the telephone numbers provided on the company websites + google maps are just not updated. You can either search on the courier’s website under “location” or just google “XX [name of courier] terdekat” (terdekat = nearest) to find out which agent is the nearest to you.

When at the JNE agent’s office, explain that you have an online business and that you need a contact for it. “saya pemilik online bisnis, dan mau tau siapa yang saya bisa hubungi. boleh tau agent WA nomor?” I own an online business and I want to know who I can contact. Can I have the agent’s What’sApp number?

*** TIP: For your convenience sake, make sure that the contact is a What’sApp-able number.

Trust me, it’s a pain to organize deliveries by making calls, it’s time-consuming + if you are an expat, the language barrier will be a pain in your ass.

You only need to give them your company name/name + company / home address once, and voila! It is finished!

That way, for future deliveries you can just What’sApp them these 3 words “saya ada paket” [I have a parcel], and they will just drop by your place to pick up the item. Make sure your item is well packed (with bubble wrap + address written on the parcel clearly). The next steps are as follows:

  • The driver picks up your parcel and brings it back to the office

  • The agent in charge will process your delivery and What’sApp you the receipt in pdf format

  • Based on the receipt amount, make a bank transfer directly to the agent

  • You can then forward the receipt (which includes the airway bill number - the number under the barcode), on to your customer for their reference. The receipt will reflect the airway bill number unique to the delivery for your customer to track their parcel online at:

I find it so much more easier to WA “Saya ada paket, ambil di rumahku” (I have a parcel, pick it up from my house”, rather than to call into the main customer line and go through the entire process again. Also, you can also ask the agent for a discount if you spend at least IDR 500,000 in courier fees every month.

I hope this information helps.