Best Cafe in South Jakarta - 1/15 Coffee, Gandaria

Best Cafe in South Jakarta - 1/15 Coffee, Gandaria

One Fifteenth Coffee

So I’ve already brought 6 friends around South Jakarta, and amongst all the cafes that I brought them to, they unanimously felt 1/15 Coffee @ Gandaria was the “best”, in terms of coffee, food and ambience.

One of my friends love that they have a “bar” area, where you can walk up to the baristas and ask them questions about your brew (beans, method, equipment), to which they are more than happy to share.

FYI - They have four locations in Jakarta, and I’ve only been to this one (Gandaria outlet), and the locals tell me this is the best out of the 4.

Address: Jalan Gandaria 1/63, Jakarta Selatan 12130, Indonesia

The cafe also has a shop on the second floor where you can find knick knacks and art from various local artists, such as pottery, women accessories, stationery, batik, basket weave bags, and home decor items.