Must-Go Places in Jakarta: Senopati (South Jakarta)

Must-Go Places in Jakarta: Senopati (South Jakarta)
  1. Sofia at The Gunarwarman

So I came here once with my friends at 5pm, and could only order the High Tea set, hence I can’t comment much on the food. I love the ambience here though, it is absolutely classy, with a old world-new world kinda vibe. Love the display of their art pieces, eye-catching huge jade-coloured vases, and bronze/gold palm trees. Also, they have a no slipper policy so do take note of your dressing when you’re there.

My husband came here for dinner and said that the food on the dinner menu was great, so, I would definitely love to come back again to try the other items on their menu.


2. Three Buns

Ambience wise, this place is just gold. I would definitely come here again and again.

As for the burgers, my friends love it and so do me and my husband! We think that it ranks as one of those must-try burgers, alongside Daniel Thaiger (in Thailand) and Shake Shack.



In pictures: Salmon Lodeh (Price: 155K), Crying Tiger Sirloin Steak (Price: 295K), GIOI’s Signature Crispy Duck (Price: 180K), Sambal Stingray (Price: 185K), Molten Callebaut Pandan (Price: 78K), Passionfruit No-bake Cheesecake (Price: 75K), Valrhona Dark Chocolate Souffle (Price: 135K)

GIOI serves local cuisine with western cooking methods e.g. sous vide salmon. Their unique selling point is that they grow their plants in their own hydroponic farms. The Salmon in my Salmon Lodeh was sous vide perfectly, and the lodeh was creamy and non-spicy, which was totally up my alley! The food totally complemented my “bule” (foreigner) taste buds! The Crispy Duck came with a sambal sauce that was so spicy yet addictive, and the duck was crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside. The Stingray was fresh, and the steak was perfect medium rare.

It’s no wonder GIOI rates 4.6 on Google Reviews, and 4.8 on Zomato. They are totally deserving of it. Thus far every item we tried is a HIT!


4. Lume

This place, although opened in Oct/Nov 2018, has a 4.8 star rating on Google at the point when I searched it up, and for good reason.

The service is impeccable. I never had to wait more than 5 seconds with my hands raised; a wait staff would see me and come to serve me promptly. And when I was there, the Exec Chef himself came to check on us and gave my friends a complimentary dessert, which was creatively executed: the dessert requires that you hammer the chocolate dome open, to reveal another mini dessert inside - how interactive!

Food wise, it was amazing! The restaurant specializes in french/european cuisine with a japanese twist.

In pictures:

Lume Steak Tartare (Price: 155K)

Beef Tataki (Price: 145K)

Burrata & Saffron Risotto (Price: 175K)

Parma Ravioli (Price: 130K)

Scallops Tagliatelle (Price: 165K)

Black Lobster Ravioli (Price: 185K) —> I think menu was revised when I came, I was served with a side of black rice as you can see in my pictures.

Worth every penny.


#5. Otten Coffee

Just across the street from GIOI and Three Buns is Otten Coffee, a 3-level Store cum Cafe featuring numerous types of coffee-making machines from home to commercial-use. There’s even a section for coffee tumblers and mugs: we saw an all-in-one coffee tumbler where you could grind your beans and store your coffee at the same time. This is really a place where coffee aficionados can geek out!

Address: Jl. Senopati No.77, RT.8/RW.3, Selong, Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12110

The top floor of the place is their cozy cafe where seating is tiered and bean bags are available for you to chill in. They have a very impressive wall feature for a cafe, an intricate woodwork of an eagle with wings powered with gears that flap and stop from time to time.