About This Blog


Thank you for your interest in my blog. My posts are categorized into the following:

1. Life Hacks

I’m a helpful person and I enjoy sharing tips/advice on my relocation and transitioning experience from Singapore to Jakarta, as well as some advise/tips which I learnt along the way while doing business.

Some of of my “Life Hacks” posts as follows:

2. Fooding

My husband and I enjoy exploring new cafes and restaurants. Jakarta is vibey and far from boring, so I like to share my love of the city here, also because I want to entice friends to skip their annual Bangkok trips and visit me! Jakarta is the new Bangkok, guys!! Eating, Shopping, Massage, you name it, Jakarta has it!

Some of my “Fooding” posts as follows:

3. Journal

Well, what’s a blog if not for sharing my experiences and musings?

Some of my “Journal” posts as follows:

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