About My Business


W&W Sales Agency Co.

Short for “Wenzel & Willow Sales Agency Co.”, W&W is an agency which provides sales services on behalf of clients who do not have a in-house sales team. The agency also has a distribution business arm which has garnered certified distributorship deals in Indonesia.

Our Clients include:

  1. PETKIT: high-technology pet product range (Certified Sole Distributor - Jakarta, Indonesia)

  2. WAW Pet: anti-shock dog leash attachment product (Sole Distributor - Indonesia)

  3. Excess Inventory Guru: fashion industry consultant and manufacturer (Official Sales Affiliate)

Our Capabilities include (for clients who do not have an in-house sales team):

  1. Understanding your company’s needs, and how we can fill those gaps

  2. Understanding your company’s competitors and your product/service Unique Selling Proposition

  3. Developing a comprehensive Sales Kit for your product/service

  4. Developing a convincing sales pitch for your product/service, which includes anticipated objections and enquiries from customers

  5. Acquisition of new customers, Relationship Management of existing customers

  6. Customer Servicing, Post-Sales Service (Scripts to handle customer complaints)