About Me.

A Sagittarius born in 1986, I’m a Singaporean living in Jakarta with my husband and 2 dogs #adoptdontshop.

Q. What did you do for a living?

A. So, I have in total 11 years of corporate working experience. In my first 6-7 years I did Marketing Communications & Public Relations in F&B industry, and then I found my passion in Sales at my very first sales role with a hotel, and swung my way into a bank as a Retail Banking Relationship Manager and then networked my way into a transfer within the bank to a Business Banking Relationship Manager.

Q. So what are you doing right now?

A. I’ve recently been appointed as a sales representative (Jakarta) for a smart-technology pet supply brand called PETKIT. I teach Business English to a bank client twice a week and volunteer as a pre-elementary teacher at a kampung in East Kemang (South Jakarta). During my free time, I blog and weave small-sized tapestries as a hobby.

Q. What are you passionate about?

#1: MY DOGS!!! They are priceless! Through Wenzel & Willow (my fur-children), I learn what it means to be human in this digital age which makes it so easy for us to be detached/shut down... I learn what love is, and what it means to love others better and myself. It is also from loving others/myself that I form my priorities and values in life… so thank you, DOG!!

#2. Humanitarian Works (Children). To date, I’ve helped the organization which I volunteered at find a total of 7 children education volunteers and 10 sponsors (who gave SGD $140/ year) for 13 children. I have a soft spot for children. If God/husband willing, I want to adopt.

#3. Mental health at the workplace. When I allowed myself to write anything I wanted to, I found that I kept gravitating towards my experiences at the workplace. I’ve been through some sh*t, and I know I will not be the first nor the last one, and I want to share about it, so people don’t feel alone.

Q. What’s your personality like?

I’m a ID on the DISC scale, and an ESFP on the Myers Briggs’.

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ORIGIN est 2000: stemming from the surname “Zhang” and the hippest event of the author’s teenage years “Zoukout”